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domingo, julho 16, 2006

Best XI of the past 15 years

--------------------Ronaldo----------Roberto Baggio--------------------

Luis Figo----------Bergkamp----------Deschamps----------Rudd Gullit

Maldini----------Marcel Desailly----------Baresi----------Thuram

------------------------------Oliver Kahn------------------------------

Well, I went for who I felt was the best player and not necessarily the most accomplished. Of course Zidane was on my mind but I could only pick 1 playmaker so I picked Dennis Bergkamp instead who I feel historically is every bit as underrated as Zidane is overrated. What if Bergkamp had gone to play for Juventus and Real Madrid while Zidane went for Inter Milan and Arsenal and what if Bergkamp had the French team of the late 90's around him instead of the Dutch one?
Unquestionably one had a better team around him than the other but individually looking at their physical and technical qualities I feel Bergkamp was a better player (not by much) and I know it's a controversial choice.

There are so many great players that you'd have to come up with 5 different XIs in order to include everybody and some players you're so desperate to insert them in there that I often put them outside their best position (Nedved on the right, Figo on the left).

So let's try an alternate XI:

--------------------Shevchenko----------Del Piero--------------------

Ryan Giggs----------Zidane----------Makelele----------Pavel Nedved

Roberto Carlos----------Kohler----------Nesta----------Javier Zanetti

------------------------------Peter Schmeichel------------------------------



At 23:56, Anonymous Mourovsky said...

I´m not going to analyse your XI, but its always hard and risky to do it. i tink you should make a bench for it, a bench of 12 players!! to make the 23.
ok, i had to say don´t like zidane?

At 02:20, Blogger Mike said...

That´s the only thing I think is strange in this eleven. I could argue that Peter Schmeichel could be on your team, but the absence of Zidane it's what pops into our eyes.


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