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sábado, agosto 19, 2006

FC Porto 3 - 0 Vitória de Setúbal (Portuguese Supercup)

MONUMENTAL "Frango" by Setúbal Goal-Keeper Marco Tábuas who is standing still watching the bus go by. He never even flinched or made the slightest attempt to go for it and he had made several key and much more difficult defences earlier in the game.

Adriano at the 54th minute.

68th minute, Quaresma's right elbow cuts open Hugo's right eyebrow, ouch.

Anderson scores, 74th minute. It's very impressive how Anderson's body has built up in the past 8 months, he has developed very well and looks very strong for an 18 year old.

Barcelona's Txiki Beriguistain is in attendance tonight apparently to scout a Porto player (Anderson?).

89th Vieirinha scored Porto's 3rd, that was a very nice goal IMO, a diagonal goal with a slight arch to it, very nice.

I don't see any major diferences between this Porto and the one who lost 2 games in a row in Amsterdam except this one seems to have fresher legs under them.

Parabêns Rui Barros.