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domingo, agosto 20, 2006

Interview Professor Manuel Machado

In my opinion the Professor is the best tactician in the league, you watch and see if he doesn't take last season's 14th ranked team Académica de Coimbra straight to an UEFA Cup berth by May 2007.

He'll be in a big club within 2 years, he's shown his quality for 3 different clubs already and at times under very adverse conditions, with weak squads, avg players, poor training facilities etc but he can always maximize the squad's potential and make overachievers out of everybody.

Professor Manuel Machado brought Vitória de Guimarães from 14th to 5th in 04/05, Nacional da Madeira from 12th to 5th in 05/06 and brought Moreirense from the 2nd Division B all the way to 9th in the 1st division. His body of work is a secret only to those who aren't paying attenttion.