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sábado, agosto 12, 2006

Miguel Veloso

Some pretty interesting details about the young career of Miguel Veloso in today's edition of "Record" Sports newspaper.

BTW, Miguel has 51 International Caps in the youth-divisions, he's got 2 at U-20 and 49 others under that, if I had to guess (considering players usually get 10 caps a year and he's got 5 times that) I'd say he started collecting them at U-15.

In the interview it says Miguel is in fact Right-Footed but his dad kept telling him to use his left more and he eventually became ambidextrous and these days he always plays on the left side of the Defencive Axis, Inside-Left, Left sided DM, etc, notice how he always plays on the left of either Polga or Tonel.

The kid seems to have a good head on his shoulders and he'll need it because the "Pink Media" today is even worse than it was in 1994/95 when Dani first started to get noticed and even as far back as 2003 I used to think that if this kid could kick a ball half-way decently then the media would fall in love in him.
He's a fairly photogenic young man who's got the sort of looks and a pleasant demeanor that can make him a marketable player particularly with the "Softer Sex" and I'm sure the club would love to exploit that aspect without distracting him too much but I hope the media and "women trouble" doesn't deviate his attention from his career as a professional footballer but I suspect the media frenzy surrounding him will be much greater than it was around Moutinho, Quaresma or Ronaldo in their 1st year.