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terça-feira, julho 18, 2006

GOD's Own Words

Ronald Koeman: Good player, good player. But he made a mistake with me. He treated me very poorly after a Footballers Union meeting in Barcelona but he never dared to do it to my face.

Peter Shilton: The dummy, he got angry because I scored a goal on him with my hand. What about the other, Shilton? Didn't you see it? The truth is he didn't invite me to his retirement game. Look how shaky I became about it. How many people actually even go to a Goal-Keeper's retirement game. Of a Goal-Keeper!?

Paul Gascoigne: He started with the promise of becoming a great figure in football and he never went beyond that.

Leandro Romagnoli: The little boy fascinates me. He lacks the legs, the physique, everything but he's got enough guts to drible. The rest one can get in a gym.



At 11:57, Anonymous Mourovsky said...

About Romagnoli: Maradona told he could be his heir, but i never saw any of that quality in him, comapring to other heirs like aimar, riquelme, messi, and so on. I know he had a long term injury and that can be part of the reason, but even so, i was expecting a lot more of someone that was amazing in the under20 argentinian team. Is it possible that the injury took 50% of his ability? is it possible that this year he can explode? its because he is already 24, and if he doesn´t show up he may well return to mexico and disappear forever. Good luck Leandro

At 23:51, Blogger André179 said...

And D'Alessandro and Ortega and Saviola and Tévez, etc.

I like Romagnoli very much, he's technically very sound and has excelent vison and passing ability, let's see how he plays after a proper Pre-season, no question that his biggest problem is lack of physicallity but I'm a fan of his, no question.

But personally I think Nani is going to be our Nº10 this season even though Romagnoli, Carlos Martins, Moutinho and Farnerud all want to be the playmaker.

I think Nani will be the Nº10, Moutinho the "Inside-Left", Paredes "Inside-Right" and Custódio the Nº6.

With Tello, Farnerud, Alves, Martins we have plenty of options for the "Diamond" and many of the players can play in more than one position but I believe it will be this:



At 18:08, Anonymous Frederico said...

I really would like to see that diamond as our midfield...

At 19:32, Blogger André179 said...

I think you will. a lot of Custódio haters think Paredes will take his spot but Paredes isn't just a pure DM, he cna play Centre-Midfield as well and has a good right foot so I suspect Paulo Bento wants to create a diamond in which the 3 lowers vertices are players with strong defencive caracteristics that watch the backs of the creative unit (Nani) and the 3 forwards much like Costinha, Mancihe and Mendes allowed Deco, Derlei and McCarthy space and freedom to make the most of the virtuosity.

Paredes isn't coming to replace Custódio, he'll replace João Alves at Inside-Right and Sporting will have Tello and Veloso as options for Moutinho's inside-Left and Martins and Romagnoli as options for Nani and Farnerud can play both as Nº10 or "Inside-Right" allowing Paredes to rotate with Custódio at DM if necessary, we are spolied for options for all 4 positions on the vertice.

We are only lakcing another forward, a tall forward with good heading and physically strong, I wish it was Grafite.

I wouldn't say the tema is stronger than last season but we are more versatile and have more options plsu we have a solid Back-4 who already is in synch and we have a Nani who IMO is about to take it up another gear. I think the club should renew his contract before the season starts or they might regret it because I think the kid after 2 months rest is going to come out firing on all cylinders.



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