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sábado, setembro 09, 2006

Yannick Time?

15 Juniors have been signed up for Champions League competition should they be necessary. This list of 15 is interesting because it gives us an idea of who in the Junior Team the club considers more promissing (or necessary considering the limitations of the squad) and with bigger perspectives for future advancement.

It's also interesting to notice that of those juniors 7 of them are 1st Year Juniors:

Adrien Silva, Midfielder (15/03/1989).
Bruno Matias, Forward (04/03/1989).
Vivaldo Arrais, Winger (28/06/1989).
Rui Lopes, Midfielder (14/06/1989).
Marco Matias, Forward (10/05/1989).
Tiago Pedrosa, Centre-Back (15/06/1989).
André Santos, Midfielder (02/03/1989).