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sexta-feira, julho 21, 2006

Sporting Vs Real Sport Club Pre-Season Friendly

(Is it just me or does that guy to Deivid's right and who is right behind Abel look exactly like Manoel?)

Game starts at 10:00 at the Academy. Arrive early because parking can be quite difficult and cops tend to fine those who park on the side of the road. It's also better to bring a cap to cover your head because the early morning sun can be quite bothersome.

Club supporters have free admission to the Academy to watch the game and it is expected Carlos Paredes might be in the stands to watch his new team's first pre-season friendly.

Our prediction (based on the XIs seen during the week) for the starting XI:

-------------Carlos Martins-------------------------------Farnerud-------------
Rodrigo Tello----------Veloso------------Moisés----------Miguel Garcia
-------------------------------------Rui Patrico----------------------------------------

This XI makes very little sense in some portions but from the dozen XI variations we saw along the week this one seems to be what it adds up to although it's hardly a scientific estimation.



At 16:45, Anonymous Anónimo said...

There were only 9. Plus Deivid and Liedson?

At 19:01, Blogger André179 said...

Thanks, I guess when I selected the text i had typed to copy it from Microsoft Word in order to past it here I didn't selected the upper part of it.

It's been corrected.

During the week Liedson partnered with Douala and Djaló but he partnered with Douala more often than Yannick so my guess would be those 2 although once the Championship starts and PB is done with experimentation I assume he'll go with Liedson and Deivid.



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