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segunda-feira, setembro 18, 2006

The Boys Need Us

Fábio Paim during warm-up

André Pires, João Gonçalves, Vasco Campos

Daniel Carriço and Marco Lança

Vasco Campos, Rui Figueiredo

Marco Lança

Captain Fantastic to the rescue

Adrien Silva, Yannick Pupo, Tiago Pinto warming up

João Gonçalves, João Martins, André Pires

Ricardo Nogueira, Alison Almeida, Rui Figueiredo

André Pires, Vasco Campos, Fábio Paim

Rui Figueiredo, Marco Lança, André Martins, Daniel Carriço

Captain Daniel Carriço does the Leonine Shmmy with João Gonçalves and João Martins admiring his dancing skills

My friends, this coming Saturday September 23rd at 17:00 at the Academy we host Benfica's Junior Team in the 5th round of the Championship and regardless of what you might think, might assume or have heard through friends the truth is Benfica has an excellent chance to beat us at our own home this coming weekend because we aren't playing well right now, not well at all.

Forget past victories and past titles won, that was then and this is now, that was one team and this is another one who has yet to prove itself. Right now our Juniors are not playing well and Benfica is playing better than us, they've just nailed 4 goals (on an away game) on Portimonense while we had trouble beating them at home and while we had problems scoring Vs Amadora they scored 2 goals on them.

Make no mistake, Benfica is a very strong candidate to win and in order to tip the scales in our favour we need to support our boys, we need 3000 rabid fans at the Academy to shout and scream our team to victory. This is a decisive time in the league for us, we've glued on Belenenses and beating Benfica might give us the chance to become leaders in the Southern Division as well as beating a strong rival like Benfica so victory is paramount but considering how poor and uninspired we've looked in the past 4 weeks we'll need something extra, we'll need the fans in numbers at the Academy.

If we play like we did Vs Pescadores this past Saturday we'll not only get beat but we'll get humiliated, the kids need a wake-up call and incentive, be there and make yourself noticeable. In a month's time the team might have found it's rhythm and be ready to take on all comers but in this delicated stage the team needs extra support and to be cared and nurtured untill they find their stride and maturity.

If you care then be there.

Saturday, 17:00, arrive 2 hours early or parking your car will be a nightmare.