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sexta-feira, julho 21, 2006

Paulo Bento in Europe

August/September 2006 Edition of "Champions"

The Man Himself

Well, well, well, 3-6 months after I said Paulo Bento statistically was showing evidence of being Portugal's most sucessful coach since Mourinho it seems the media has caught on to that fact.

Said by me on February 20th on fórum:

"Vs. Paços de Ferreira Paulo Bento completed 20 games as Sporting's coach so I decided to check the statistics.

Paulo Bento's first 20 games at Sporting:

14 Wins.
4 Draws.
2 Losses.
46 points.

Mourinho's first 20 games at FC Porto

12 Wins.
2 Draws.
5 Losses.
38 points."

Said by me on March 20th in Rec.Sport.Soccer:

"8 wins in a row in League games but 10 wins in a row if you count Cup games as well. 12 games in a row without a loss and a total of 22-4 in goals in the last 12 games and of those 4 goals suffered 3 of them were penalties.

Okay, I'm going to say it timidly but at this point it's starting to make sense to say that Paulo Bento is starting to remind me of José Mourinho when he first started. In fact statistics wise Bento is having a better start to his career at Sporting than Mourinho did, comparing the stats in their first 25 -30 games Bento blows Mourinho away and it's not like Mourinho had a bad start at all.

It's debatable but IMHO Mourinho had a better team than Bento currently does yet Bento's work at Sporting is nothing short of spectacular, he hasn't won ANYTHING (except for the Junior title last year) yet but if this is a prelude to what he can do I have no doubt whatsoever he'll win titles and with the right team he'll make some noise in Europe in the very near future.

I'm not suggesting Sporting will emulate Mourinho's Porto in Europe but if the club can hold on to Bento and this team I think they have a great chance of getting past the group stages of the CL next season and after that anything can happen, defensively and tactically this Sporting team is very impressive. I would put up our Back-4 against any Back-4 in Europe right now.

I'll post the stats comparing Mourinho and Bento one of these days but it's darn interesting to compare Bento's debut season in top flight football with Mourinho's first 30 games in charge of Porto.

If there's such a thing as best newcomer for coaches I think Bento is the likely candidate to win it this season. If he wins his next 2 games he's statistically already the best coach we've had in the last 15 years.


For the record Paulo Bento did went on to win Newcomer of the year in coaching, attributed by him by the country's sport media on May 15th.



At 22:45, Anonymous Mourovsky said...

I agree with you and the numbers don´t lie. But you´re right when you say Mourinho had a better team, and he made an even better team in his first full season - 2002/2003, and comparing the teams of 2003 and 2004 with current PB´s squad, you can notice some difference in quality, and because of that maybe in the end, when comparing the results of the 2 first full seasons of both maybe Mourinho will show better results. i hope not :).

At 23:56, Blogger André179 said...

Sporting this season will be even better than last season but I'm fairly certain we will not be as good as Porto from season 2002/03, we will be somewhere in between but I believe if Dr Soares Franco keeps Nani and Moutinho until Euro 2008 then season 2007/08 might finally be our year and 06/07 is just another transition season for us in which we will be better but not yet ready for it.

I'll very soon be doing an article about Junior Champions of the last 5-6 years but I'm really looking forward to comparing Bento's 05/06 with Mourinho 01/02 and eventually PB's starts of 06/07 and JM 02/03. Comparign not just the stats but squad quality and make no mistake Porto's 01/02 squad was not as poor as Porto supporters like to make it sound.

FDP Peseiro got 61 points in 04/05

Sporting got 72 points (up 11) this season.

Octávio and JM got 68

JM's 02/03 Porto got 86 (up 18) points.

Keep in mind this season there's unfortunately only 30 league games. This reduction is destroying our league IMHO.


At 12:28, Blogger Andre said...

Yeah league reduction is annoying.
For portugals sake i hope we do get a second Mourinho, but then again if he does turn out that good im hoping he doesnt stay at Sporting that long (Porto fan :P)

Problem with portuguese football though is that we are too impatient and change our minds too quickly. Any sort of bad run for Bento may mean the end of his career at sporting. No matter how much potential he has.

Key example is Co Adriaanse getting attacked, and a few months later being loved by everyone.

Peseiro was also being labeled as the new Mourinho by some people. I hope this time its for real. We could do with a quality national coach to take over when Scolari finishes.

Throughout the season

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