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segunda-feira, julho 24, 2006

The Poaching Of Coelho

Inter Milan announced yesterday the signing of Coelho for 3 seasons. The youngster last season represented FC Porto's Juvenile Team with whom he had a contract meaning under FIFA regulations the club should be compensated with no less than 400.000 Euros.

After seeing Sporting Lisbon "losing" Ricardo Fernandes and Fábio Ferreira to Chelsea in January of 2005 for similar ammounts and Arsene Wenger's Arsenal interested in poaching Sporting's Rui Fonte for a fee in the 500.000 region but now it's FC Porto feeling the "bite" from Economical Superpowers poaching their young talents for a minimal fee.

"Coelho" (Rabbit) is a nickname, the player is called José Manuel Alves Barbosa and started playing for Paços de Ferreira at the age of 8, he is only 16 years old (born on February 4th 1990) and already has a good experience for Portugal's younger National squads. He is regarded as a fast forward, very strong on the one-on-one and regularly scores over 20 goals a season.

One day he got to play for Paços de Ferreira Vs FC Porto and legend has it he performed excellently and the next season he was playing for FC Porto aged 11.

In 2004/05 FC Porto conquered the Initated Division's National Title and a then 15 year old Coelho was the team's top scorer with 33 goals. Of the 30 players who constituted the Initiated Team only 2 (TWO) of those 30 were promoted directly to the Juvenile A Team. Goal-Keeper Ruca and José Manuel "Coelho". So who is this phenom?

A fast forward with excellent technique who prefers a 2 striker tactical system where he is given more freedom. He scored 28 goals in his first year with FC Porto's Infantile Team, 62 goals in his 2nd year with the Infantiles, 23 in his 1st year as an Initiated and 33 in his 2nd year year as an Initiated.

The 175 ctms tall and 68 Kgs right footed striker was also being scouted by José Mourinho's Chelsea.



At 19:08, Anonymous Anónimo said...

Damn this guys sounds good i hope he develops well.

At 19:40, Blogger André179 said...

Sometimes a 16 year old plays like a 20 year old and he looks better than the 16 year olds around him but if he stops progressing in the next 4 years he just becomes a 20 year old next to a bunch of 20 year olds.

It's all good and nice to get excited about players who are athletical or technical phenoms compared to his peers but if they don't keep evolving it really doesn't matter.

No question that Coelho is highly rated but so was Felipe Oliveira and Edson Rolando Silva Sousa when they went abroad at a very young age and got lost and stopped developing their skills.

C-Ronaldo is the exception and not the rule when it comes to youngsters going abroad and not losing themselves. SAF is one of the best coaches at nurturing youngsters and in that sense Ronaldo was very lucky.


At 20:34, Anonymous Anónimo said...

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