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sábado, julho 22, 2006

Sporting 6-1 Real Sport Clube de Massamá

Starting XI:

-------------Moutinho-------------------------------Carlos Martins-------------
----------------------------------------João Alves----------------------------------------
Ronny----------Veloso------------Polga----------Miguel Garcia

Djaló constantly switched with Liedson and Romagnoli also switched a few times with Moutinho.

Djaló was excellent in the first 30 minutes, very energetic, scored 1 Goal and 2 Assists.

The Back-4 looked good although Ronny doesn't defend as well as Miguel Garcia but he is very dynamic, he runs like hell and for a looong time.

Carlos Martins converted FKs and corners. Ronny converted FKs as well.

Moutinho looked good and very fresh phsyically. He was the Team Captain.

Liedson looked physically tired throughout the game.

Romagnolli as always shows great technical quality, good passing, gret vision but is still physically weak but his assist for Djaló's goal was a beauty.

2nd Half XI:

Rodrigo Tello----------Moisés------------Tonel----------Abel
-------------------------------------Rui Patrico----------------------------------------

Nani was very off in this game.

Patricio very confident.

Moisés plays Man-to-Man Marker and let's Tonel zonal mark in front of Patricio.

Romagnoli eventually was substitued by Ronny who re-entered the game this time as "Inside-Left".

Deivid looked as useless as always.

Carlos Martins and Liedson signed autographs for half an hour or more. Martins has a ridiculous new haircut similar to Fernando Torres 3 years back.

The kids didn't know most of the players, they kept refering to Ronny as Rooney, Moisés and Semedo.

Ronny was injured at half-time and Orderly Mário André had to change his bandages around his ankle.

Massamá in the first half mostly attacked through Sporting's Left-Flank because Ronny went forward much more than Miguel Garcia (Ronny does defend fairly well though) and through the centre where João Alves was. João Alves technically and tactically looked good at DM but he definitely lacks physicallity compared to Custódio.
In the 2nd half Massamá mostly attacked through Sporting's right where Abel was now attacking but Abel already looks like a machine this early on, attacks, defends equally as well, not as athletic as Ronny moving along the flank but very focused and never afraid to go in hard if need be.

Got the chance to chat with Paulo Bento a bit. I had never met him and my impression of him is the same as that which most people seem to have, polite, cordial and a real gentleman who is much warmer talking to supporters than he is talking to the media where he barely draws a smile. The same holds true for Carlos Freitas BTW, who is monosylabic with the press but quite a nice guy in other situations as I've come to learn in recent months.

I told PB about "Champions" and the article about him, he was happy, nice guy, took the time to talk to kids and fans in general.

Carlos Freitas and Miguel Ribeiro Telles were all at the Academy. MRT came to the pitch at half-time and Pedro Barbosa sat on the bench the whole game except when he signed autographs.

Moisés looks exactly as I expected, physical, rough but not dirty, very vigourous players.

Veloso as always lacks speed and is often overtaken by opponents who come from behind him but Technically he's only inferior to Polga and he keeps it simple and is very serene and composed.

1st Goal by Djaló, assist by Romagnoli.
2nd Goal by Moutinho, assist by Dajló.
3rd Goal by Miguel Garcia, assist by Djaló (I think)
4th Goal by Moutinho.
5th Goal by Deivid.
6th Goal by Douala.

Man Of The Match: Yannick Djaló.



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