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segunda-feira, julho 24, 2006

Bruno Pereirinha Close to Loan Move

18 year old Ofensive Midfielder Bruno Pereirinha who won the Junior National Title this season seems close to a loan move to 2nd Division Club "Olivais e Moscavide" where Sporting has already loaned out 20 year old Striker Carlos Saleiro (25 Goals in 04/05) and 18 year old Left-Back André Marques also seems likely to join in.

Bruno Pereirinha played 32 games in 05/06 having started 28 and subbed in another 4, he scored 4 goals and played either as "Inside-Right" or later in the season as Right-Winger. Good player, no question about it and it's good to see the club loaning players to 2nd Division clubs instead of 2nd Division B Clubs.



At 20:32, Anonymous Penguin said...

What's the deal with some of the other Juniores who were promoted to the senior level this year? Have they all be loan out or are some of them being left go? I know Caiado and Zezinando are going to Estoril, but what about

Paulo Renato
Andre Nougeira

At 21:04, Blogger André179 said...

If I'm not mistaken Pedro Celestino and Paulo Renato are both being loaned of to Real Sport Clube de Massamá.

Tomané isn't that good of a player IMO, it will be a shame if we keep him and lose Diogo Tavares.

I dob't know about André Nogueira but he's a very good 19 year old Right-Back, he's not that tall but other than that he's quite good, especially on ofense. I have no idea where he's headed.


At 21:22, Anonymous Anónimo said...

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